Voleo provides seamless and secure solutions that empowers people to invest together in a way that’s never been possible.

Voleo B2C

Voleo -

A FINRA broker-dealer, registered across the US.

Voleo's original trading platform that leverages social connections to enable groups to invest in publicly traded securities.

If you are a US resident, please visit, for more information

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Voleo White Label

Voleo White Label -

Connecting with customers and their network.

Voleo also offers the potential to partner with other businesses to leverage their existing client base by offering a white label version of their platform.

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Other Products By Voleo

Voleo SimuTrader
Never invested before?
No Problem.

You can try your hand at investing with your friends for free with The Voleo SimuTrader platform. Download and try the SimuTrader today, risk free.

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Voleo Nasdaq
Equity Trading Competition

In collaboration with Nasdaq, Voleo ran a simulated equity trading competition across US universities and colleges in 2017. The second installment is being launched with real and simulated options for the 2018-19 academic year.

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Cryptocurrency trading made easy.

Our SimuTrader now supports Crypto trading and soon you’ll be able to trade Cryptocurrencies with our newest trading platform, Cryptoleo.

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